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Welcome to our series section. You can also find these videos in a playlist on our YouTube Channel here. 

Please contact us through our email for new ideas on episodes you'd like to see. We are also open to new ideas for series types. 

One series to look forward to this coming year will be the Orthotic Series where we'll demonstrate how to wear and use orthotic devices to increase your mobility.


Symptom series

Learn about Symptoms for Multiple Sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases/disorders. Here you'll find useful information to help you understand and cope with your symptoms. Giving you a starting point for an more active lifestyle.



Learn how to understand a loved ones symptoms and when you can help. This series is helpful if you want to be the best care taker that you can be. The series covers topics that an observer may find useful. Those also learning how MS works will also benefit from this series.


active series

This series will help you do more activities while staying in the safe zone. This is what TeamMSRV is all about. Getting out there and experiencing the beautiful world around you. Check this series out to find tricks and tips on many activities you thought were off limits.  



This series is helpful on a few fronts. Here we will discuss topics that relate directly to home. Things like Setting up your house, teaching family, and creating safe places. There are an unlimited amount of subjects open for conversation.


Other/Bonus videos

Here's where we put everything that really doesn't have a category yet. Our videos sometimes are not related to symptoms or caretaking specifically. But we always want to make sure you have access to everything we create.

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