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Last Months email newsletter 8-31-2021

This is last months email newsletter that I personally compose. This news is old news to any subscribers. If you're looking for a way to sign up you can scroll to the very bottom. Thanks everyone for the love and support.

  This week marks the first week in our second adventure! We're so excited to see another part of this amazing country. A place like nowhere we've ever seen. Somewhere warm, somewhere sunny, a place where Winter has no place.  Our first adventure brought us out to Key West, Florida and back to Northern Maine. This time we're thinking the Southwest somewhere.... We will travel South through the western side of the Appalachian mountains this time. Pit stop in W. Virginia, Tennessee, and another place or two.
     Only our newsletter fans know where we're really going. You're on the inside track. Here you'll learn about meet ups, bar-b-que's, and parties before anyone else. You'll have first dibs at tickets to events and be first in line at the meetups. We really appreciate you and your kindness to help us share our content. Anyone that's seen the videos or that knows us in person knows how much of a hit our family has taken from MS. This disease isn't easy to understand, live with, or even treat. But we must push forward. We must......
    Since launch we've released 7 videos. There are plenty finished on deck and ready to go. We are planning to make shorter fact-type episodes to share in between our bi-weekly schedule.  Be on the lookout for that kind of fun stuff and more. We are also releasing a new "Caretaker series" very soon. These videos can help a spouse or loved one better understand the disease, learn how to deal with the losses, and live with an MS patient.
    Our following/Subscribers number has grown at a steady pace. We most likely won't "Explode" with followers because MS isn't a mainstream topic. The people who seek it out the most are likely going through a diagnosis or living with it already. Those are the people we want to help the most. So let's keep getting the word out there. We received a shipment of business cards and have been sharing and passing them out as we travel. If you want some we'll mail them to you to share.
    Remember, when you share our videos and watch our content, it's all counted by the powers above. This is what will get us paid.  TeamMSRV will always be a free resource to any person interested in learning more about Multiple Sclerosis.  
     You'll never have to worry about us, we'll never send junk or spam. I (Frankie) personally write these newsletters and will never automate the process. 

Thanks again everyone.


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