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Email newsletter from Oct. 2nd 2021

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Hey Everyone, I hope Summer has been good to you, Fall has arrived. We had a few setbacks here and there, but no show-stoppers. We spent the Summer up in Northern Maine with family. The weather at that time of year is always fantastic, and we exploited the outdoors every chance we got. Unfortunately, I (Frankie) was able to enjoy a little more than Tammy. I was able to get some stairs built out of my shop. It was a challenge and refreshing at the same time.

What We’re Up To

If you haven’t heard yet, Tammy contracted Covid-19. It was a hellish sickness that lasted more than 7 weeks before she got a negative test. Her smell and taste at this point is still only about 50%. We have been quite about it because it’s been hard for her. We weren’t sure which way it would turn in all honesty. To add insult to injury, she was declined all her treatments and tests for an additional 4 weeks. When that happens, she is unmedicated for a month. Downright dangerous for her. We were able to trace the source and it wasn’t an outbreak. Luckily, Tammy is on the other side of it and has regained much of her energy. Let's keep it moving forward. The most up to date news is we’re getting ready to depart from Maine. It looks like we finally have a plan thanks to actually booking Tammy’s treatment. We’ll be traveling South toward Nashville. The route will probably be on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains this time. We did the East Coast last time. This will give us more exposure to different states and let’s not forget our travel map we’re trying to fill…… According to the weather almanac we should be able to hang out there until just before Thanksgiving, about 5 weeks. 2900 miles est. Ultimately, our destination will be somewhere in Southern Arizona. It is a snow bird haven. There are A LOT of RV parks that have 5-month contracts. We’re talking tens of thousands of snowbirds hit the area every Winter, us being 2 of them this year. The reason we selected this region is we’re trying to line up the national parks in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. We want to get there before school lets out, but after the coldest weather. April/May 2022 are the target months to start heading North. Spending the Winter in AZ will be a totally new experience for both Tammy and myself. We will be expecting to see Wile E. Coyote and Road runner on a regular basis, and I imagine I’ll start shopping at ACME. They must be on every corner, except in Winslow. (I Wonder if they got that reference).

The work that's happening

I’ve been writing almost daily now trying to build a backlog for the blog. These are different than our episodes and cover a wide range of MS related content. You can expect to see those anytime now and on a bi-weekly publication alternating with video week. Make sure to visit those posts and share. It helps drive new traffic to the site and channel. We have been in contact with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society along with two other foundations. The NMSS got back immediately and are excited to work with us and potentially partnering in the future. We’re trying to get in front of people on stages at conventions and give talks telling our story of gains and loss. They will also potentially do an independent story on Tammy’s personal MS journey. There are other events that we may be allowed to set up booths at. It’s really exciting and we’re putting it all out on the line. Nothing in stone yet, but it’s in the works and we’re jacked about it!

Our following is growing every day. We’re not making leaps and bounds yet, but we are making an impact. On all 3 socials we’re up to around 275 total. I’m sure there’s a little overlap but that’s exciting to us. We’ve received emails and comments about how we’ve helped people cope. We’ve also received a few donations already which was really surprising. They both said they love what we’re doing and want to help us accomplish our goals. It made us teary eyed, for real. You work on something creative and put it out there for literally the whole world to see. That is scary as hell, and we’re not talking about rainbows and butterflies, but Multiple Sclerosis…. It’s like we put our worst foot forward with all these problems we have and people relate personally. They are going through the same or even worse than us. For us to get positive feedback in these early stages is huge for us, and it encourages us to keep on pushing. Accountability

One final thing. I’m huge on accountability. Like if you don’t have to answer to someone, you don’t do all you can. You don’t push yourself to meet goals and you won’t work nearly as hard as you have potential for. When you say you can/will do something to someone else, you need to damn well do it. A person’s word is still just as important as it was 20 years ago. My point is this. I want to create some accountability for myself, and you guys all being the oversight. This is what I want: I really need to start playing my guitar for people and frankly for myself. Yeah, I do a little here and there, but I mean on a larger scale. I want to write songs that make me and others that are suffering, actually feel good. Songs that relate to our life and things happening in it. Songs that take us away on a little journey, pain-free. I really have the desire to write about MS because it’s a major factor in my life, obviously. That possibly appeals to our target market. If I can create music that helps people get through hard times or pain, I’d be satisfied with myself. Make sure you remind me to keep songs coming out of me and my guitar…. Or else. I also believe that the music will attract people to us and help us get in front of even more. Thank you everyone for your support. We love you all and can’t wait to get this new adventure started. Our next newsletter will most likely come from AZ. In 5-6 weeks….

Best tip I've ever had. Changed my whole view about how music works...... Also my first Tele.

Dave and I having some fun. We like to jam out and sing.

You would have received this by email if you're subscribed, make sure to sign up below!


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