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How can you help Team MSRV?

That's a great question. There are many ways to show your support to our cause.  Listed below are some of the best ways to help us sustain. These are not listed in any particular order, they all work well. Frankie does do shop drawings and architectural drawings as our primary source of income.  So if you know someone that can use some drawings..... Anyway, We hope to gain sponsorships and endorsements in the future. By partnering with the right brands and the right products that serve our special needs. We will only endorse reputable, quality products that actually work. You can trust the products we endorse are tried and true before we ever share them. If they meet our high standard of quality, we will make them available through our website or link to it in our videos. 

Both Tammy and Frankie are also available for public speaking opportunities. We want to participate in both "pro bono" to help and for exposure as well as paid events where we can raise capitol to assist in operating costs.  Our Topic focus can highlight medications, experiences, and losses. We love to tell our story of resilience and motivation. How we took a devastating diagnosis and made a positive platform from it. 

Here's some immediate steps you can take.

  • Support our YouTube channel. Like our videos, subscribe to our channel and share it with anyone you know who's tied to MS.  You'd be surprised who you can help. 

  • Ask your friends and family to subscribe, it's important to us to have the family of patients involved as well. 

  • Buying merchandise from our store, that directly supports us.  Helps pay the bills.

  • Participate in the forums, social sites, and the comment sections of our videos and groups, invite friends.

  • Get our videos in front of influencers and other forms of media, help spread the word.

  • Monetary donations directly to us or our fundraiser are accepted.

  • Some people prefer to stock up our inventory of merchandise as a donation.

  • Give us free or discounted products to try and review in videos that can add value and help our audience.

  • We will potentially promote a product if there is value to our community and it passes our standard.

  • Share photos and stories that we can share online, encouraging others to stay strong.

  • Any forms of marketing donations.

  • Tweet, tag, or share.....

Help us to make it easier to live with Autoimmune disease.
Leave a one-time donation for our operating costs or a donation in addition to our charity fundraiser.

We will contact you for secure transactions through our banking institution.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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