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E-bikes and Mobility

With the dawn of Lithium Ion technology came long lasting, powerful batteries. With the advent of good batteries comes mobile devices we love.  The mother of all that we've found so far are E-bikes. E-bikes allow you to work as little or as much as you want. The ability to set pedal assist to 1 or 2 means more or less pedaling. If you want to catch your breath and not fall behind you can use mode 3. This is Ebike mode, no pedaling. With pedaling you can get up to 60 miles in distance on some models. No pedaling gets you around 20-25 total distance. Not bad..... Some even top out at 26MPH

My physical therapist loves me doing this.

It's true, she says anything we can do to keep our muscles moving is good for us.  Not only that, you'll get a cardio workout and feel young again. I was unsure at first, now I can't stop riding my bike.  Fresh air again. 


      The links above or below will redirect you to  where you can securely see details of the items and checkout as normal. These bikes are tried and true by myself or close friends that I trust. 

Which E-bike is right for me?

     There are a few types of e-bikes available. Many of which are just like regular full-sized bikes. You can get the beach cruiser style which are normally more stylish.  These fun bikes are great for riding around your neighborhood or down and around the park. These bikes are easy to get on and off and the handlebars allow you to sit more upright...... Here's a few to look at.

      Then there's the mountain bike type. That one is self explanatory. It's built with a more rigid frame. The tires are more aggressive allowing you to stick the turns.  These bike are often taller and require you to lift your leg over the bar. Riding feels a little taller but you lean forward more because of the handle bar configuration,

     Then there's the foldable series. These are smaller and very compact. The smaller sizes doesn't change the rideability.  They work great for short trips around the neighborhood too, I see a lot of these at campgrounds because of their size. You may find the smaller size to be a better fit for you.

Finally we have the fat bikes. These types are like either an old school BMX style bike, and sometimes mountain bike style. Either way the mount height will be a little higher than normal. So if you have a hard time getting your leg up maybe pass on these. But the benefits of them are fantastic. The ride is smoother, you have better grip, and they work in the snow!. 

Honorable mention to the scooters. Yeah they are not as cool. They may not have the top speed. But they do get you around with little effort on your part. The costs are more palatable and they work great. 

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