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As a team...
      We got this!

Welcome to your new home. Here at Team MSRV we want to help bring to light the struggles of Multiple Sclerosis and the impacts it has on all of our daily lives. Empowering you with knowledge and a powerful network to get the most out of life, with what you have.  The impacts of those symptoms on our families and loved ones is one topic all of us share. We want you to know you're not alone in this fight and we will stand together through this entire journey.  Through thick and thin, We got this!

Tammy was diagnosed with RRMS in late 2018. Her battle between learning a new way to live and trying to maintain a work life was impossible. The shear pain of not being able to do what once was easy does not come with a small price. Our family struggled with the tragedy that had struck us and rocked our world forever.  To have our lives "rugs"  pulled out from under us while we really had nowhere to turn or anyone to relate to. We needed a place to share with someone who understood. It's been a hard, bumpy road for us and we now have a good grip on what we need to do.  We created this platform for us to be there for each other and  make our time here on this Earth a better, happier time. Let's help each other make this disease more bearable, and help our loved ones and caretakers to be the best that they can. This affects us all.

Together is better than alone!


Motivational speaking

Both Tammy and Frankie are also available for public speaking opportunities. We want to participate in both "pro bono" to help others at no cost as well as paid events where we can raise capital to assist in our operating costs.  Our topic focus can highlight medications, experiences, and losses, and most of all perseverance. All presentations will include a couple acoustic songs that were written in dire times as an outlet for overwhelming emotions. We love to tell our story of resilience and motivation. How we took a devastating diagnosis and made a positive platform from it for others to enjoy for free.

We really want to spread the word so if you have an opportunity please contact us and we can work something out!

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